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Welcome to Tingshusresidens in an old courthouse building in Gamleby, Småland!

The Old Courthouse Residence is located in an old courthouse registry on the ground floor. There is one large studio/bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen.There is also a washing machine available in another building. The bedroom is big enough for two persons if you are willing to share a room.

The museum and a small gallery are located on the second floor.

The old notary rooms on the top floor ca be used as smaller studios and there is also the shower. It is not possible to use the notary rooms as bedrooms due to fire regulations.

The program aims to give the artist an opportunity to concentrate on  artwork, away from the ”ordinary” life and to support various forms of art. The Old Courthouse is a fantastic place for inspiration and  art making and certainly provides a possibility to concentrate. The artist is free to use the facilities as needed, and as agreed upon, in the rental  agreement. We also support the artist to get in touch with local artist if that is desirable. The program encourages the artist to in some way, exhibit the project at the end of the stay, for example as an exhibition, performance or whatever is suitable. We will of course give you the support you need for arranging this.

Take a bicycle and you can go on a great adventure! Climb the mountains or find the hiking paths that take you through deep forests and step right into Astrid Lindgren´s stories! Go  fishing and sailing or swim in the Baltic Sea or a sweet water lake, just a few minutes away. We are close to everything!

Gamleby is next to the city Västervik which you can reach by bus or train.

The Foundations mission is to manage and maintain the courthouse building and support cultural activities in the building, as well as preserve the old courtroom as a museum. The Courthouse along with the garden is a Cultural Heritage building, for more information visit:

The Gamleby Courthouse Foundation was formed in 1960 after the court held its last meeting in December 1959, and moved to Västervik, a larger nearby town. A part of the building is let out to The Cultural Society ”Court For Everyone” which was formed in 2015 and officially opened as a cultural centre with the ambition to be buzzing with cultural activities. For more information visit:

The fee for staying in the Old Courthouse is 1200 SEK per week och 4000 SEK per month.